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What is the difference between Cannabinoids and Terpenes?

🍃Cannabinoids and terpenes are different types of marijuana compounds. Both are produced in the plant’s resin glands, but perform different duties. Cannabinoids work by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis its various fragrant smells. ⁠🍃

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Is Smoking from a 3d Printed Pipe safe?

There have been many rumors going around about smoking through a 3d printed pipe.  Some are worried about harmful fumes they may breath or melt the pipe all together.  This could not be further from the truth! Smoking through a 3d printed pipe is very safe.  Let's look at why fumes pose no harm with a Smoke Freezer.  A Low Cough Smoke Freezer now comes with a glass adapter that allows easy installation and removal of an ash catcher at the 3d printed inlet.  Glass is an insulator and does not transfer heat from the bowl to the pipe.  This falsehood has already been debunked, so you do not have to worry about any fumes or melting your rig.  If this were true, wouldn't we be out of business and left with melted plastic to deal with?  Those "wanna be scientists" should have stayed in class for the whole lesson instead of spread these falsehoods.  Try this at home to prove the theory.  Hold a flower bowl in your hand and with a torch, heat the bowl up.  Did you get burned?  No! Why? It is because glass is an insulator and not a conductor of heat.  It is the same concept if that same bowl were inserted into a Smoke Freezer.  There is no chance of melting or fumes because heat is not transferred.  Most of these theories are falsehoods created by those who produce glass rigs and do not want to admit that 3d printed pipes are perfectly safe to use.  They just want you to keep buying their glass and stay gullible. Well, we have news for them!  We are going nowhere and will stand right here as a beacon of new technology and innovations.  Our rigs can be repaired no matter what the damage at a fair price.  Our rigs can be traded in and upgraded as well.  Glass?  Not so much.  Thus, the created hatred is propagated into the forums and groups and those who were on the cusp of trying new things are reeled back into the stupidity of believing pseudo scientists.  Lowcough.net is a leader in 3d printed rigs that lower cough so you can enjoy smoking again.

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Smoke Freezer Glass Stem

The Smoke Freezer's Glass Stem should be left in place even when cleaning.  The glass stem is held in by O-Rings.  These O-rings provide the sealing needed for the device to work properly.  It is recommended by most who own one to leave installed even when cleaning.  The glass can be held in there real tight.  You can break the glass and hurt yourself if you are not careful.  This is why we recommend to just leave it installed to avoid damage or harm.

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Cold filtering vs Hot filtering

At Low Cough, our filtering system is performed when the air/smoke is cold and not hot.  The reason why we do it?  It works!  Others try and fail because filtering smoke is performed better on cold than hot.  We have our filters on the outlet after cooling.  Why?  The cold air is more dense and thus can better filter tar and other impurities that can cause coughing.  It is the same reason why in the winter time your car actually performs better.  Same concept here.  This is why our products are very successful in removing the materials that make you cough.  I know some are going to say, "Doesn't it strip the THC too?"  NO!  By the time the smoke reaches the filters, the THC is already in a gaseous state and microscopic and will pass through the filters. What you're left with after passing through the filters is a cool vapor that you can enjoy without hacking up a lung!  It makes all the difference and you will see in every puff you take.  Enjoy!

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