Cold filtering vs Hot filtering

Published on 22 December 2022 at 19:06

At Low Cough, our filtering system is performed when the air/smoke is cold and not hot.  The reason why we do it?  It works!  Others try and fail because filtering smoke is performed better on cold than hot.  We have our filters on the outlet after cooling.  Why?  The cold air is more dense and thus can better filter tar and other impurities that can cause coughing.  It is the same reason why in the winter time your car actually performs better.  Same concept here.  This is why our products are very successful in removing the materials that make you cough.  I know some are going to say, "Doesn't it strip the THC too?"  NO!  By the time the smoke reaches the filters, the THC is already in a gaseous state and microscopic and will pass through the filters. What you're left with after passing through the filters is a cool vapor that you can enjoy without hacking up a lung!  It makes all the difference and you will see in every puff you take.  Enjoy!

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Jim Hixon
a year ago

Best pipe I have ever used. I have C.O.P.D. and I can use this pipe with little to no cough. Very smooth ,and very powerful hits. I've used it for flower and dabs both. Love doing dabs from it.

a year ago

This is amazing technology, and the hit I get is very smooth , check out me using this pipe in my home. Vetmaps on fb group page.

a year ago

I Love my Smoke Freezer. It’s Great With or Without The Smoke Assist. Cool is Cool !! Get it Before #WarnerLambert Gets It 🔥💭✌🏻