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Jason Palmer
a month ago

I have been a medical cannabis patient for about 3 years now and I’ve never been a smoker. I’ve plowed my way through various vaporizers, carts, and bongs. They all leave me coughing up a lung usually and my chest is so fatigued after a session. I saw the smoke freezer products and called to find out more. Anthony is amazing at helping you understand why their system works. I ended up choosing the XB1. With Anthony’s expert instruction I took my first hit yesterday- wow! Clouds so thick I couldn’t see through them and no cough! That has never happened to me before!. I’m so pleased with my purchase!

Dave Rodriguez
a month ago

Well I wanted to wait till I actually used this for a little bit to leave a review. First off I have COPD so smoking sometimes is difficult for me and with this I am absolutely beyond impressed with these machines. I can take huge hits without going into a coughing fit. With that being said not to mention their customer service in my opinion is top notch. This company deserves some respect buy one see fot yourself you won't be disappointed

Relaxin Ephx (Eli)
2 months ago

This is the best product I’ve ever used for both forms of medication. It’s easy to use and set up. Hits are smooth and rarely cough anymore.
I highly recommend for those who can’t enjoy their meds without coughing a storm or this who have medical conditions. This product will bring the cough down to a minimum or no cough at all.
Service is the best in town and the delivery was fast. I even got some items that I was not expecting.
Over all I give both the product and service,10 for 10!!!

Amanda Belew
2 months ago

This device has seriously changed my life! I have asthma and since I’ve gotten my smoke freezer, life has gotten so much easier. I’m able to actually enjoy my high instead of wheezing and being miserable. Any question I had about my device was answered quickly, this product is top of the line and well worth the money :)

frank story AKA Shaggy SmokeAlot
2 months ago

I love my lowcough smoke freezer. The smoke freezer allows Me to inhale without coughing.. MEGABOWL IS MY FIRST and i love it so much that i am intrigued and i am NOW PURCHASING THE engine. You will Know wHAT it feels like to be able to consume you meds and breathe . I feel FANTASTIC! go out and get yourself one AKA SHAGGSMOKEALOT

Brangie Clawson
2 months ago

I've been looking for a product to help with my coughing and this has really helped. It's a bit intimidating to use at first but once you get it together, it's not that bad. One thing I have found is that you need to clean the filters as they do get the most resin filled than any other part of the machine and it makes a huge difference in the way the smoke hits you. The high is different from a bong high. I've been finding bongs make me tired, this makes me up and ready to attack the day feeling good. I highly recommend!

3 months ago

I have pretty bad athsma and belive this thing really helped my flare ups quite a bit especially paired with my desktop vaporizer flowerpot b2 as they can be used together at one time, the customer service is outstanding ,very responsive and eager to help ,whoever designed this really knew what they were doing,this is high tech and very affordable especially considering some glass is outrageously priced,i want to give this company my money ,they also went above and beyond in ways i didnt ask for free, gave me free stuff im extremeley happy with there ethics,they deserve all the good business.

Pedro Damota
3 months ago

Was not a smoker untill i got mine,at the time my lugs couldn't handle the smoke so for a long time I was doing edibles etc but after reading about it I decided to try because I wanted to smoke so at first I was worried about it but it filters the smoke in a way that I didn't cough it was LOVE at first Puff,I totally recommend it for those with lung issues like me and for all recreational users too!

Jon Hinkle
3 months ago

I love my Smoke Freezer! As a person with some medical issues, including a damaged esophagus, it makes getting my medication easier. It's a great product for those who have issues with the got smoke you usually get with smoking from a pipe or something similar.

Lee Farmer
3 months ago

I LOVE my Smoke Freezer! Definitely one of the best. fast shipping and customer service if you don't have one you should!