Smoke Freezer Device Full Kit

All of our devices (EXCEPT STEALTH) come ready to use and include: Ash Catcher, Flower Bowl, Quartz Banger with Cap, Mouthpiece with lanyard, Loaded Tar Buster filter.  All you add is a cotton ball to the mouthpiece and product to consume.

Smoke Freezer Basic

It's Here! A new device starting at $249.99 (plus shipping) We call it Stealth.  It will come with the pipe, and mouthpiece filter.  There are no other filtering accessories (you can purchase them separately)  You can accessorize it as you like it. There are NO discounts available for Stealth. 





The Stealth Smoke Freezer is an entry level accessoried device.  The Stealth comes as shown only and there are no discounts available for this unit.  There is no filtering or ash catcher as the other devices.  We made this unit to be affordable and for those who already have accessories they wish to use on this device.  The Stealth works the same as the others, but has an additional fan in front.   If you put your finger in the fan it will it will hurt, so don't do it!   You can certainly add any of our accessories to it if you wish to!  The Stealth can also be made into a full kit version as shown upon request.

What is a Smoke Freezer?

A Smoke Freezer is a unique 3d printed smoking device that can be compared to nothing in existence!  It is waterless cooling technology coupled with an unmatched filtering system.  Smoke is effectively filtered much better cold than hot.  A Smoke Freezer filters on the outlet, not the inlet.  A Smoke Freezer will take the same hot smoke you have in a traditional device, BUT, effectively cools it, triple filters it and delivers a crisp, cool vapor....and very low cough.  Our Smoke Freezers are versatile!  They can be upgraded, traded in or change the color or design of your Smoke Freezer!  We even have an optional Pull Assist (blower) to help draw smoke out of the pipe!  Ask about our chassis swap and represent the colors you want!  We have bowl holders and dab station organizers that can be customized and themed!  If you don't see what you like, ask us and we can custom make your order with a name or logo!  All of our devices are hand assembled in the U.S. by veterans. The plastic we use is PETG, which is the food safe and the same material found in water bottles.  It is non-toxic and does not get exposed to any heat.  So those who are on the fence about safety, it is totaly safe Looking for warranty information?  We stand behind our product, not like others.  If there is an issue with your device, give us a call or send us an email.  We will work with you to get your device working again.  Accident?  No problem we can fix it.  Most repairs can be performed with a fast turn-around time.  If you haven't realized it yet, this is the last device you'll need to own.

Veteran Discount

In order to receive a Veteran Discount Code, you must email us a picture of your id matching the name on the order. You will be then be emailed a discount code to use at checkout.   Veterans receive a 15% discount on all items.  Discount codes are changed to prevent fraud.  Once you register for an account, a unique code will be issued to the veteran for future purchases and verifed after each purchase.  Although it may seem a little over the top, we take our military service serious and just do not give out discounts to everyone.  Our devices change lives and are in high demand and we do not need to discount or gimmicks to make sales.  Our devices are for servicing the medical cannabis community and to help those with breathing, coughing or throat issues.  There is not another device like this with its capabilites and customer service on the planet.

Change your device and Change your life!

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The Smoke Freezer is a revolutionary device that is a leader in cold filtration technology.  No other device can cool, filter and perform as well as a Smoke Freezer.  No, not even your overpiced Volcano can compare.  It will outperform it with full combustion and it is much cleaner and less cough.  

Low Cough System


The Low Cough System is OEM on all Smoke Freezers from with the exception of Stealth as it is a basic device without filtering attached. There are four parts to the low cough system.  They are Smoke Freezer, Tar Buster, Mouthpiece and Ash Catcher.  The four parts work together to greatly reduce contaminants, irritation and tar so you can enjoy your experience with very low cough. If you suffer from COPD, Emphysema or Asthma, you may want to consider purchasing a second Tar Buster to reduce your cough to almost non-existent! No other system can effectively reduce cough like this setup does.  Please consult with your medical doctor as we cannot give medical advice.


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