Is Smoking from a 3d Printed Pipe safe?

Published on 27 December 2022 at 14:16

There have been many rumors going around about smoking through a 3d printed pipe.  Some are worried about harmful fumes they may breath or melt the pipe all together.  This could not be further from the truth! Smoking through a 3d printed pipe is very safe.  Let's look at why fumes pose no harm with a Smoke Freezer.  A Low Cough Smoke Freezer now comes with a glass adapter that allows easy installation and removal of an ash catcher at the 3d printed inlet.  Glass is an insulator and does not transfer heat from the bowl to the pipe.  This falsehood has already been debunked, so you do not have to worry about any fumes or melting your rig.  If this were true, wouldn't we be out of business and left with melted plastic to deal with?  Those "wanna be scientists" should have stayed in class for the whole lesson instead of spread these falsehoods.  Try this at home to prove the theory.  Hold a flower bowl in your hand and with a torch, heat the bowl up.  Did you get burned?  No! Why? It is because glass is an insulator and not a conductor of heat.  It is the same concept if that same bowl were inserted into a Smoke Freezer.  There is no chance of melting or fumes because heat is not transferred.  Most of these theories are falsehoods created by those who produce glass rigs and do not want to admit that 3d printed pipes are perfectly safe to use.  They just want you to keep buying their glass and stay gullible. Well, we have news for them!  We are going nowhere and will stand right here as a beacon of new technology and innovations.  Our rigs can be repaired no matter what the damage at a fair price.  Our rigs can be traded in and upgraded as well.  Glass?  Not so much.  Thus, the created hatred is propagated into the forums and groups and those who were on the cusp of trying new things are reeled back into the stupidity of believing pseudo scientists. is a leader in 3d printed rigs that lower cough so you can enjoy smoking again.

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William Archambault
a year ago

This new way of smoking absolutely changed my life and the way I prefer to smoke my medicine thanks lowcough you've saved my lungs and my life I never smoke any other way

a year ago

It is MOST CERTAINLY SAFE! There are no fumes or anything to worry about! Pinheads and haters write negative, unfounded claims to discourage buyers. Why do this if your products are so superior? Because they’re not superior, they cost more, are unserviceable and do not cool the smoke.