Coconut Carbon Charcoal


High activity, coconut shell-based granular activated carbon manufactured from selected grades of coconut shell. The granular shape of our carbon maximizes its geometric surface area, significantly increasing surface and pore diffusion rates and thereby increasing its effectiveness with a short contact time. The high surface area and predominately microporous pore size distribution further enhance the effectiveness of this coconut shell based carbon.  To create its “activated carbon form”, the virgin coconut shell undergoes a steam activation process at 2000 degrees. During this activation process millions of pores are created on the surface of the carbon increasing the total surface area. The surface area of 1 gram of activated carbon is equivalent to 5381 square feet of surface area. To put that in perspective, your standard NFL football field has a surface area of 57,554 square feet… so about 10% of that area is in 1 gram of the carbon.

The high density and superior hardness of our activated carbon provides excellent resistance to dust and fines formation.

NOTE: We do not advise going to your local pet supply store and buying carbon in the fish department. No regulations are placed on carbon that is imported into the United States. The labels usually indicate to just wash thoroughly. Most of these individual carbon pieces are smaller in diameter, and can pass through the filter tube into your water. As the carbon soaks in your water all of the impurities are released into your water, which is not healthy.